Executive Members

Executive Members

President: Susan Gardner Susan.Gardner@ocetfo.org
1st Vice President: Wulf Heidecker wulf.heidecker@ocetfo.org
2nd Vice President: Jennifer Titley jennifer.titley@ocetfo.org
3rd Vice President: Stephen Skoutajan stephen.skoutajan@ocetfo.org
Chief Negotiating Officer: Brian LeSage brian.lesage@ocetfo.org
Secretary: Hillary Horsford
Barrhaven P.S.
Treasurer: Face Wallace
Barrhaven P.S.

Executive Members at Large:

Andrea Barker Robert E. Wilson P.S.
Carleton Bovell Cedarview M.S.
Lorna Evans Curriculum Services
Lisa Levitan Vimy Ridge P.S.
Shawn Marmer Centennial P.S.
Manmohan Panesar Mutchmor P.S.
Rebecca Zuckerbrodt Queen Elizabeth P.S.


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