Ottawa Carleton ETFO Volleyball Beginner “C” Division

Rules of Play

  • At least three women must be playing for each team at all times, including finals.
  • Underhand service is to be used.
  • NO spiking/attacking
  • A team will rotate after 5 consecutive serves by the same player
  • All other normal rules of volleyball to be followed.
  • Play offs- the first place team from each pool will advance to the play offs
  • Team standings in each division will be based on 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.
  • Games will be either to 25 points (maximum 27 points) or the time limit as designated on the schedule (Referee's judgment).
  • Rally Point Scoring will be used

Tie Breaker Rules

In the event of a tie based on points earned in the Division schedule, the tie shall be broken as follows:

  • If the two teams that are tied played each other, the winner of that game wins the division.
  • If the two teams that are tied did NOT play each other, there will be a Rally point game to 9 points(11 point cap) to determine the winner.

Play Offs

  • The format of the playoffs will be a single elimination tournament.  
    A team is eliminated from the playoffs when it loses a game.


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