Collective Bargaining Committee Members

Brian LeSage - Chief Negotiating Officer - Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO

Janine Blouin Devonshire P.S.
Patrick Drouin Mary Honeywell P.S.
Jennifer Duncan W.E. Johnston
Anik Mackey A. Lorne Cassidy E.S.
James McCallum Roch Carrier E.S.
Shawna Rothgeb-Bird Hilson Avenue P.S.
Karima Sahraoui Sawmill Creek E.S.
Emily St-Aubin W. E. Gowling P.S.
Danielle Takoff Fisher Park P.S.
Melcha Wolanski (Flanders) Robert Bateman P.S.
Soraya Zerdoumi Glashan P.S.

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