Pregnancy and Parental Leave

OCETF Pregnancy/Parental Leave PackageAll Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO members should avail themselves of the material within the Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO Maternity Leave Package.  The issues surrounding pregnancy are very individualized and it is extremely important that members are aware of their rights and entitlements in order to make their best choices.  Decisions on when to begin a pregnancy leave, whether or not to use sick leave, options surrounding pension contributions for the leave period, and extending the leave should be taken in consultation with the Chief Negotiating Officer.

Teachers should contact the pension board at 1-800-668-0105. If a teacher waives the right to contribute to their pension during their leave, the amount of pension will be less than it would be with additional credited service.  Less credit means a lower pension.  It may also postpone the date at which a teacher can retire with an unreduced pension.  Options to pay into the pension during pregnancy/parental/adoptive leave including a payment schedule with the school board, loans and/or lines of credit on the day the pregnancy leave ends and the use of RRSP money towards pension contributions have all be considered by Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO members.

Visit for the latest information from Human Resources Development Canada or visit your local E.I. office.

Continuation of benefits is addressed in Article L23 of our Collective Agreement.  If your maternity leave will extend over January and February, you should contact the Ontario College of Teachers to make arrangements to pay your annual fee at 1-888-534-2222.

Teachers returning from pregnancy/parental leave part way through the school year, should consider that their salary for the balance of the year will be calculated on a per diem basis for the number of days remaining in the school year.  Example:  Number of days in a school year = 194; date of return is April 1; number of days remaining in the school year = 64; amount of pay to be received =64/194 x salary.

Letter to HR/OCDSB

For a pregnancy leave, you are required to provide a minimum of 2 weeks written notice of the date your leave will begin. The written notification must include a certificate from a legally qualified medical practitioner stating the expected date of birth. This minimum notice does not apply if the birth occurs earlier than the expected date of birth. In the case of a parental leave, you must provide at least 2 weeks written notice of the date the leave is to begin. This does not apply if the child comes into custody, care and control for the first time sooner than expected.

ETFO Guide to Pregnancy and Parental Leave 2018

If you have any questions or need more information please contact Brian Lesage, Chief Negotiator at 613 596-3932

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