Job Shares



L21.01 General

The parties agree that job sharing is an arrangement which involves sharing the duties and responsibilities of a permanent teaching position on a part-time basis with another Teacher. The Board and Union agree that job sharing may be a feasible and desirable employment option for Teachers in some circumstances, while having due regard for the provision of the program and the safety and well-being of the pupils.

The Board agrees that two Teachers, both having completed a minimum of two (2) years continuous employment with the Board and neither of whom have been declared redundant, may choose to share a particular single teaching position and its attendant timetable for a school year to a maximum of a five (5) year period provided the following requirements are met.


Job sharing may take the form of sharing on a time basis approved by all parties involved.

L21.03 Process

a) Prior to 1 March, the Board shall prepare and post a notice in each elementary school detailing the availability and application process for job sharing.

b) At least one of the Teachers proposing a shared year must be assured of a fulltime position which will be available to share in the applicable year.

c) Application shall be made to the Director of Education or designate on or before 1 April in the year prior to entering the plan. By agreement of all parties, this date may be waived. Permission to share a teaching position may only be granted by the Director of Education or designate.

d) At the time of granting of the leave, agreement in writing shall be reached on the date of return to full-time teaching. The date may be extended by mutual agreement between the Teachers and the Board.

e) The division of hours of work shall be determined by mutual agreement between the two (2) employees and the Principal.

f) Subject to the approval of the appropriate Superintendent(s) of Schools the proposed sharing arrangement shall be considered only upon written recommendation of the Principal(s) involved, and the Superintendent shall be assured to his/her satisfaction that the sharing arrangements result in the continued functioning of all duties involved in a position. Prior to providing a written recommendation to the Superintendent of Instruction, the Principal must be satisfied that the teachers have developed a satisfactory plan with 64 To Alphabetical List respect to communication with parents, assessment and evaluation and division of responsibility for sharing of curricular areas.

g) Written acceptance or refusal of the application by the Board with explanations shall be forwarded to the Teachers by May 1 in the same school year the request was made.

L21.04 Job Sharing Conditions

The following conditions shall apply during and following the year of sharing the position as indicated:

a) The salary paid to each Teacher shall be a pro-rated portion of the salary he/she would earn as a full-time Teacher for the applicable year. The pro-rating shall be in accordance with the division of duties of the full-time position and shall be agreed upon by the Teachers concerned and the Director of Education or designate before permission is granted.

b) A Teacher in the job sharing plan shall have his/her salary, benefits as per ARTICLE L14 and sick leave credits pro-rated in relation to what he/she would receive as a full- time Teacher.

c) The Teacher shall have the option of contributing the difference between the amount of benefit premiums paid by the Board and the amount that would have been paid had the Teacher remained full-time.

d) Experience credit for the shared year, for salary purposes in the application of ARTICLE L10 in succeeding years, shall be pro-rated in the same proportion as determined in (a) above.

e) Seniority shall continue to accumulate for each Teacher participating in the plan.

f) The two Teachers, in consultation with the Principal, shall be required to co plan in the job share.

g) In the year following the end of the job share, and subject to the surplus, transfer,  layoff and recall provisions of this agreement, each Teacher shall have a right to a position equal to their full contract status prior to the beginning of the job share. More specifically, each Teacher will retain a right to a position within the school where the job sharing took place equal to their status during the job share and a right to be placed in a position within the elementary school system for the balance of their contract status subject to the surplus, transfer, layoff and recall provisions of this agreement.

List L21.05

Individuals who are participating in job share as of 30 June 2001 shall continue to be exempted from the maximum five (5) year period asidentified above in Article L21.01.

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