Medical Documentation

17.07    Medical Certificates

(a)    The Board retains the right to require a medical certificate for an absence of:

i)    More than five (5) consecutive days;
ii)    More than ten (10) days in any school year.

The cost of the certificate will be borne by the Board.

The Board shall ensure that all medical records are stored in a secure location in the Employee Wellness and Disability Management Division of Human Resources.

(b)    The Board retains the right to have the teacher examined by a doctor, to be selected by the Board, following consultation with the teacher as to the doctor to be selected.

The purpose of an examination by a doctor is to determine the fitness of a teacher to continue actively in his/her position, but no doctor or teacher shall be required to violate the confidentiality of the doctor/patient relationship.

(c)    Teachers will inform the Principal of any projected return to work date(s).

(d)    Where there are medical restrictions or limitations, teachers shall provide the relevant medical information to the Employee Wellness and Disability Management Division of Human Resources.

(e)    The parties recognize that the Board may withhold payment for sick leave where the teacher will not permit compliance with the above requirements.

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