Seniority Transfer (STPP) Process


Seniority Transfer and Placement Process

a) Seniority Transfer and Placement Process requests (no right of refusal if transfer effected as requested) will be considered following the posting of the second system wide vacancy list and interviews referred to in Article L30.02 have occurred. All requests made in accordance with the following categories shall be considered in the following priority order:

i. Teachers with the Board ten (10) or more years; and

ii. Teachers with seven (7) or more years experience in the same location. It is understood that such requests will be considered on the basis      of seniority,  qualifications, capability and Teacher preference for geographical area and subject/grade level. It is further understood that Seniority Transfer and Placement Process requests will not be actioned where performance concerns exist.

b) When a Teacher cannot meet either of the eligibility requirements of Article L30.04 (a) (i) or (ii), but due to mitigating circumstances requires a transfer, the request may be granted by the Superintendent of Human Resources or designate following consultation with the Chair of CBC. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.