Staff Meetings

27.09    Staff Meetings

(a)    Regular staff meetings shall be scheduled by the Principal in consultation with the teaching staff and upon consensus wherever possible.  

(b)    Regularly scheduled staff meetings shall be held no more than once per month on average.  

(c)    Each meeting shall be no more than 75 minutes in length.  

(d)    The dates of the regular staff meetings shall be set within the first month of the school year and communicated to all Teachers.  

(e)    Regularly scheduled staff meetings may include administrative/ organizational issues, professional development, training and other matters aligned with school and board goals.  

(f)    Teachers are expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.

(g)    Part time assignments and other regular commitments shall be considered and, where possible, accommodated in determining the schedule.

(h)    Teachers will have an opportunity to place items on the agenda.  An agenda shall be distributed to all staff prior to the staff meeting.