26.01    Basic Staff Entitlement (BSE)

(a)    Basic Staff Entitlement (BSE) shall be calculated in accordance with the Ministry Class Size Regulations using the predicted average daily enrolment (ADE).

Average Daily Enrolment (ADE) shall be calculated in accordance with the Education Act and Regulations.

The BSE shall be defined as the ratio:
Predicted ADE (less congregated Special Education)  
Average Class Size as defined in the Regulations as adjusted in accordance with September actual enrolment.

(b)    The BSE shall be allocated to the elementary schools by means of a staff allocation model as determined by the Elementary Staffing Committee in accordance with Article 26.03.

(c)    In the event the average class size maximum currently defined in the Education Act is amended, the divisor used to calculate the BSE shall be amended accordingly.

26.02    The Board shall continue to allocate additional equivalent full-time teaching positions on a discretionary basis based on Board budget decisions and provincial funding.


26.03    Elementary Staffing Committee

There shall be an Elementary Staffing Committee comprised of the following:

  • up to three (3) representatives of the Board
  • up to three (3) representatives of Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO

Additional representatives may be invited to attend as resources to deal with the specific subject matters under discussion.  Each party shall bear the cost, if any, associated with the attendance of these additional representatives.

The parties agree that the Elementary Staffing Committee shall be governed by the principles of fair and equitable allocation of staff.  The parties further agree to jointly develop a staff allocation model and all factors therein for the 2001/2002 school year.

26.04    Resource Person

In addition to the Elementary Staffing Committee, a Teacher will be released full-time (1.0) from his/her full-time teaching duties to serve as resource to the committee.  The primary responsibilities assigned to the resource person shall be to support the committee with respect to the completion of the duties described below in Article 26.05, and, where time permits, perform other related elementary staffing duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Human Resources.  

If the position becomes vacant, the position shall be posted within the elementary panel.  The interview committee will include an equal number of Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO and Board representatives and will be responsible for selecting the successful applicant.

26.05    Mandate

The Committee shall make recommendations to the Director of Education with respect to the following:

(a)    The design, use and operation of the elementary school staffing model, including the requirements under Article 26.06 (a) shall be referred to the Elementary Staffing Committee for adjustment.  The committee does not have the authority to increase staff.

(b)    The staff timelines as per Article 30.02 (b).

(c)    The allocation of staff for each elementary school based on staffing entitlements and enrollments in accordance with Articles 26.01 to 26.04 above.  The initial allocation shall be based on the annual predicted ADE and will take place in accordance with Article 29.

(d)    The existing practices in all schools with a view to ensuring consistent working  conditions within the system including supervision and preparation time assigned to staff.

(e)    The fairness and equitability of teaching assignments within a given school will be monitored through a Joint Working Conditions Survey.  The members of the Elementary Staffing Committee will analyze annually:

Compliance with collective agreement provisions for preparation time, Ministry requirements for a forty (40) minute uninterrupted lunch, supervision duties and average class size data as required by the Ministry.

(f)    In order to assist its deliberations, the Elementary Staffing Committee may request and shall have access to such information as enrolment data, school organization charts, and statistical data related to teaching assignments and preparation time normally collected and retained for staffing purposes.

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