Summary of Health & Safety Related Forms

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Occupational Health & Safety Concern Form

Use this form to report a potential or existing hazard which you believe presents a risk of the health or safety of individuals in your workplace.

Download Health & Safety Concern Form
Download Concern Form Instructions (PDF)

As of February 12, 2021 this form can now be completed electronically in eBASE.

Reporting instructions:

1. Go to

2. Select Login with Board credentials and enter your OCDSB email address and password

3. On the main eBASE page, choose the Forms logic icon at top left hand side of screen that looks like two rectangles with a gear in front

4. Click on My Status from options along the top

5. Select Submit new form in top right corner of page

6. Under the Workflow dropdown menu select Occupational Health and Safety Concern Form

7. From the Facility dropdown menu select the site where your supervisor works at

8. Enter information as prompted and when finished click to Submit the form


Your supervisor will receive an email notification once an online form has been submitted. Your supervisor will complete Part II to identify actions that have been or will be taken. You will receive an email to view Part II once your supervisor submits this section. Lastly, in Part III Worker Review, you will indicate if your concerns are resolved or unresolved. If unresolved there is a section to provide additional information. Unresolved forms will be brought forward to the Joint Health & Safety Committee for review.

Worker's Accident/Incident/Occupational Illness Report Form 140

Use this form in case of a workplace accident, injury or exposure.

Download Worker's Accident/Incident/Occupational Illness Report (Fillable PDF)

Download Functional Abilities Form for Timely Return to Work (PDF)

Reporting Workplace Violence & Safe Schools Incidents using eBASE

As of February 12, 2021 these forms can be completed electroncially in eBASE.

Overview of Employee Violent Incident Report and Safety Schools Incident Report

How to Submit a Violence Incident Report and/or Safe Schools Incident Report

Safe Schools Incident Form

Use this form if you would like to submit a hard copy version of the Safe Schools Incident Form. This form is used to report any activities for which suspension or expulsion must be considered under the Education Act, as well as certain activities for which a student may be suspended under board policy.

Safe School Incident Reporting Form


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