Applying for Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability Benefits

Long term disability (LTD) benefits are based on the provisions outlined in your group insurance policy. In most instances

  • During the waiting period and the following 24 months, LTD benefits provide income replacement when an insured member becomes ill or injured and is unable to perform the significant duties of their regular assignment.
  • After this 24 month period, benefit payments continue if the member's medical condition prevents him or her from being gainfully employed.


Application Process:

Three forms are required to initiate an LTD claim:

  • Member's Statement
  • Plan Administrator's Statement
  • Attending Physician's Statement

You can get these forms from:

  • An OTIP representative 613-567-6847 or
  • Your Union  affiliate 613-596-3932

The Initial Assessment includes:

  • The review of the 3 claim forms
  • An initial telephone interview with the member
  • Adjudication of the medical information provided


Tips for submitting your LTD application

When submitting your application for LTD benefits, please include the following items, if available:

  • Copies of any medical documentation related to your present condition (including consultation reports, tests results and x-rays)
  • A copy of your auto insurance claim file and accident report, if your claim is related to a motor vehicle accident
  • A copy of your Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) claim correspondence and present status, if your claim is the result of an injury at work


Applying for Long Term Disability

The Claims Decision will be communicated to member verbally and in writing. If the decision is to decline benefits, the reasons for the denial will be explained.

If you wish, you may appeal the group life and disability claims decision.
If you choose, OTIP disability services representatives (DSR) are available to assist you in preparing your appeal.

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