Our friend and colleague, Julie Sneyd, has asked that we share the following with our ETFO members. Many of you will recall that Julia's husband, Paul Dewar, was a beloved teacher at Hopewell School before becoming 1st. Vice-President here at OCETFO. We all wish Paul well and hope many teachers become involved with his initiative for youth.

Dear Friends, Neighbours and Colleagues,

By now you have learned more about Paul's diagnosis. While it is not good news, he is doing amazingly well. The good news is that he has decided, along with a group of people, to start an initiative called Youth Actiion Now. It will be a grassroots organization that supoports youth in actualizing the change they may want in their negibourhood, community or even the world. Young people have so many great ideas and often they just need finacial support, training or mentorship to see their dreams become reality. We all know our young people are the future!

Here is the link to the website.

I invite you to come to the launch this Tuesday, June 19th from 5-7 at the NAC. It will be a chance to learn more about the initiative, which is in the beginning stages, and speak with friends, family and people who have supported Paul over the years.Please click on this link if you may be able to come.


Posted: June 13 2018
Our friend and colleague, Julie Sneyd, has asked that we share the foll...
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