a) Vacancies created as the result of a new school opening shall be advertised prior to List 1.

b) No later than 1 May the board shall provide to each school principal a list of known vacancies which will exist in the system as of next 1 September.

Three vacancy lists will be posted by 1 June in the schools in accordance with the staffing timelines determined by the Elementary Staffing Committee mandate.

All vacancies, which arise from promotions or selection to Central positions, will be posted, regardless of when vacancies become known.

For the purposes of vacancy list three only, the list will be posted in two parts:

List 3 (a) full-time and part-time internal candidates may be considered for the vacancies; then

List 3 (b) internal and external candidates may be considered for the vacancies.

c) Teachers shall apply to the vacancy list through the Board’s electronic application system.

Postings for vacancies will be made available for electronic application over the summer. Posting periods will be announced annually.

All qualified applicants will be interviewed provided such interviews can be accommodated within the time available by the publishing of vacancy lists.

All applicants interviewed shall be contacted with their results of the competition. The acknowledgement/interview process shall only apply to Teachers who are seeking a transfer/placement or increase in contract status.

d) When a Teacher has been selected for a vacancy, that vacancy shall be considered filled and the Teacher’s former position, in turn, shall be declared vacant and posted as a vacancy when possible.

Once having accepted a vacancy, orally or in writing, a Teacher shall not be entitled to apply for a subsequent vacancy except when a Teacher has been declared surplus to schools, and the vacancy arises at the original location where the Teacher was declared surplus in accordance with Article L30.06 (a) prior to 25 August.

When, in the spring staffing process, a Teacher has accepted an assignment in another location and such assignment is subsequently changed to a different division or program, that Teacher shall be eligible to compete for vacancies in the originally assigned division or program.

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