For more information about the workshop/event and to register click on the links below:


  • Equity Library: This is for use for ALL members and has a lot of wonderful professional learning as well as books for classroom use.

Committee Meetings:

New members always welcome!

  • Combined Grades: Contact Melcha Wolanski (Flanders) on GEM
  • French as a Second Language: Contact Danielle Takoff on GEM for more information
  • Intermediate: Contact Meaghan Burden on GEM for more information
  • Intermediate Music: Want to know what is happening in Intermediate Music, join us by emailing Melanie Harshorn on GEM
  • Joint Multicultural & Human Rights: 3rd Thursday of the Month (Contact Anuka Dey on GEM)
  • Status of Women: 1st Thursday of the Month (Rachel Herz-Fishchler on GEM)