Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO provides funding for subject/grade committees to run workshops throughout the school year. Workshops are open to all Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO teachers. If you would like to suggest that a new subject/grade committee be established please contact Wulf Heidecker, 1st Vice-President, Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO Office, 613-596-3932 or via e-mail.

Committees and Chairpersons

Subject/Grade Committee – Chairperson

Choral Music Committee – LaVonne Venables
Combined Grades Committee – Kathryn DeBodt & Melcha Flanders
Design & Technology Committee – Mark Gilliland
Dance & Drama Committee
Educational Technology Committee – Jamie Barteaux
English to French Immersion Committee – Nicole Phillips
French as a Second Language (FSL) Committee – Danielle Takoff
Indigenous Solidarity Committee – Janine Blouin
Instrumental Music Committee – Mélanie Hartshorn
Intermediate Committee – Meaghan Burden
Junior Teachers Committee
Kindergarten Committee – Erin Way
Math Committee – Stephanie Bishop & Ann Chevrier
Physical Education & Health Committee
Primary/Junior Music Committee
Primary Teachers Committee – Natalie Frank & Astrid Johnson
Science Committee – Kathleen Honeywell & Renée Ste-Marie
Social Studies/History/Geography (SSHG) Committee – Barbara Brockmann
Special Education Committee – Kati Mackie
Status of Women Committee – Lorna Evans & Caitlin O’Brien
Teaching English Language Learners Committee – Lindsay Mattesz & Deirdre Sims
Visual Arts Committee – Andrea Barker

Ottawa Carleton ETFO/FEEO Standing Committees – Chairperson

Collective Bargaining Committee – Brian LeSage
Health and Safety Committee – Lee-Anne Feltham
Human Rights Committee – Anuka Dey
Multicultural Committee – Lorna Evans & Marcia Stephens
New Teacher Induction Program – Stephen Skoutajan
OCEAA – Andrew Gervais
Political Action Committee – Stephen Skoutajan
Professional Learning Committee – Wulf Heidecker
Status of Women – Caitlin O’Brien
Wellness Committee – Brett Smith