On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram make your voice heard. Please use the hashtags #SaferSchools #SafeReturn and don’t forget to tag @OCDSB @OCETFO

Below are sample Social Media posts:

1. There have been over 152,000 new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario in the last 14 days but we’re still waiting for more essential safety measures within schools to protect student and staff against the spread of Omicron. We deserve better. #SaferSchools #SafeReturn @OCDSB @OCETFO

2. In-person learning is the most equitable way for students to learn but we must ensure adequate infection prevention measures. We must protect students, their families and education workers. #SaferSchools #SafeReturn @OCDSB @OCETFO

3. Schools need:
-fitted N95 masks for ALL staff
-HEPA filters in ALL classrooms
-Medical grade masks for ALL students
-Access to Rapid Tests, PCR Tests and Booster shots
-Resumed contact tracing
@OCDSB @DougFord Invest in a #SafeReturn @OCETFO

Wear RED FOR ED on December 4th + 5thMore info here!