Make a Call

Getting community members to call their elected representatives can help put pressure on the government! If you have 5 minutes to make a call, use the link below to find you connect with your School Trustee and MPP including their numbers along with a sample message.

Sample phone scrip
Hello [my name is] and I’m an [educator/parent]. I’m calling because I am deeply concerned about the return to in-person learning without adequate safety measures being built in. With over 18,000+ new COVID-19 cases reported daily, before re-opening, schools need immediate access to:
N95 masks for all education workers

Medical grade masks for all studentsHEPA filters installed in all classrooms and public/shared spaces in schools

PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests provided to students and education workers to minimize learning lossPrioritized vaccination access for everyone working in, or attending a school or campus who is eligible and can be vaccinated safely

Resumed monitoring and reporting COVID-19 cases in schools; contact tracing is the key to slowing the spread

You were elected to defend public education. How you respond to this crisis will show your leadership.

I appreciate all that you do for our schools and I look forward to your response. [optional] I can be reached at [telephone and email].

Wear RED FOR ED on December 4th + 5thMore info here!