System Reorganization:

The Board is experiencing an unusually large number of school re-organizations this year. This will require a “re-org” and SOME shuffling of positions, assignments, timetables in many schools.

Some key parameters to be aware of:

  • This reorganization will not result in OCETFO/FEEO Contract Teachers being redundant to the system; however, there will be surplus to schools
  • Surplus to schools should be done STRICTLY by Seniority and Qualifications (i.e. if a school is losing a Gr.2 class, it doesn’t mean the Gr.2 Teacher is necessarily impacted; it is done by seniority at the school)
  • If it comes out of FRENCH, the lowest qualified FRENCH person is surplus to the school
  • If it comes out of ENGLISH, the lowest qualified ENGLISH person is surplus to the school
  • We have advocated for the minimum of disruption to Students and Staff and this is also a priority for the Board. There should NOT be a wholesale re-shuffling of teaching assignments beyond what is necessary
  • Teachers declared surplus are going to be given a list of vacancies in the afternoon of 27 Sept. left behind by LTOs over full year Leaves being displaced; they will be able RANK THEM in order of preference and be placed via seniority (like a mini-STPP)
  • Someone SENIOR in a school could indicate that they want to be made voluntarily surplus and absorb the surplus if they are motivated to move
  • If Staffing levels at the new schools remain the same (or lower) in Spring 2024, Teachers being transferred now will need to find another assignment during Spring Staffing for Sept. 2024
  • Teachers are encouraged to be expansive in their choices and to cast a wide net; the list they see will be what’s available and if they choose not to take a vacancy in order to wait for a “preferred” spot,  they may be put on a Leave without Pay (LWOP)
  • Teachers will be expected to rank their choices by 9am on 28 Sept.
  • Teachers who move out of a re-org should have TWO (2) release days to make the transition to the new school
  • These two days will be 4-5 Oct with Teachers taking up the assignment in their new school officially on the PA Day- 6 Oct.
  • Any Teacher impacted by a re-org and moving to a new assignment inside a school can ask their Principal for support for the internal transition; flexibility and compassion is always appreciated
  • Members who need guidance through the process can contact us in the OCETFO/FEEO Office for support

Diagnostic Assessments:

Last week, the Board provided Teachers with a list of approved diagnostic assessments that they can choose to use with Students, one of which is ‘Dibel.’

OCETFO/FEEO is not opposed to diagnostic assessments or ‘Dibel’; under Article C9.00 of our Collective Agreement we are defending your professional judgement to choose how to use them.

This means Teachers choose tool, timing, and which Students to use diagnostic assessments with.

If you are being directed to use a specific tool with specific Students by a specific time, this is not consistent with our Collective Agreement or Board direction- please contact us if this is happening.

Teachers not Replaced (TNR):

We are starting to hear that Teachers are being asked to give Prep periods to cover for absent colleagues.

Principals must make every reasonable effort under Article L27.01 e) of our Collective Agreement to find a qualified OT for an absent Teacher.

Only once this effort has been made can Principals direct that you use a Prep period to cover; this should be done equitably, and it should not be the same LRT/LST/ISST/ESL Teachers pulled as a first resort.

Any Prep taken from Teachers MUST be repaid as soon as administratively feasible.

Any Teacher who has been asked to give up a Prep period to cover should record this here

In support,

Rebecca, Susan, Stephen, Jennifer, and Brian

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